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Standard Security and ID devices are readily available and easily duplicated at the local copy shop. Holograms are the only cost effective product that cannot be duplicated by any conventional printing, copying, or photo-reproductive process. Used on credit cards, licenses, passports and currency, holograms are recognized worldwide as premier security and authentication devices.

How hologram labels are used to prevent counterfeiting and authenticate:

  • IDs
  • Collectibles
  • Parts
  • Certificates
  • Documents
  • Art
  • Consumer products
  • Asset identification

Holoshape Products, Inc. offers cost-effective security solutions to eliminate counterfeits. The use of holograms directly benefits your bottom line. However, not all hologram provide the same degree of security. There are three levels of security to consider, full custom holograms, Custom Cut Stock patterns and standard stock holograms.

Custom Cut Stock Security Patterns

Custom Cut Hologram Tag

Holoshape Products provides this unique level of security for the cost of standard stock holograms. Custom shaped labels increase security because of the difficulty in simulating the precise cut produced to your specification. We use stock security hologram patterns only available from Holoshape Products. Labels are produced to your specifications of size, shape, etched and/or printed images.

  • Size - You specify the size to meet your requirements.
    • 3/16” x 3/16” (0.1875” x 0.1875” or 4.762 5mm x 4.762 5mm)
    • to
    • 5 8/7” x 5 7/8” (5.875” x 5.875” or 149.225mm x 149.225mm)
  • Shape – Standard circles, squares, rectangles and almost any custom shape including interior cuts
    Security Patterns
  • Etched image or numbers – Precise laser etched images, logos, numbers and/or codes are “engraved” on each label surface
  • Printed image or numbers – Images, logos, numbers and/or codes are permanently printed on each label. Options include:
    • Colors – Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow
    • Security Print –
      • UV – Visible using a Black Light.
      • Invisible laser - Only visible using special laser pens

Full Custom Holograms

These holograms are produced from artwork designed specifically for your application. We transform your art concept into a 3D holographic image. The design may contain your logo or other unique imagery, text, patterns and hidden images. These are the most secure form of hologram.


Overprinted Holograms

Adidas Logo

The bright exciting colors and patterns of holographic materials are available overprinted with your artwork and PMS selected colors. Our permanent inks are washable and durable. The same holographic background effects utilized for stickers, notebooks, trading cards, packaging and other products can now be applied directly and permanently to apparel, hats and accessories.

Pokémon Apparel decoration created for Jerry Leigh, Inc.

Simply send us your artwork, and choose one of our holographic patterns. We can produce your labels as standard squares, circles and rectangles, or create custom printed shapes.

Our printed apparel hologram labels are applied in the same quick and easy manner as our other and custom hologram products.

Great 3D holographic effects for apparel using standard printing setups!

Asset Labels

Asset Label

Our unique rainbow color changing asset labels are printed to your specifications with logos, serial numbers and/or barcodes. High quanlity 600 DPI print available for fine detail of logos.

Durable 2mil metallized polyester labels with holographic rainbow embossing and permanent acrylic adhesive provide long lasting security seals.

Your label order is produced from your submitted art or we can do the design work to your specifications for no additional charge. We provide a proof for you approval.

Standard 0.75" x 1.875" or 0.5" x 1.0" are availble for 2 to 3 day shipment. Custom shapes and sizes are are available.

Distinctive hologram asset labels at standard silver mylar prices!

Tamper Evident Labels

Holographic tamper evident labels are unsurpassed as security tools. Our specialty construction is created by the transfer of an extremely thin layer containing the holographic security image onto frangible security paper. This construction is backed with a permanent adhesive that "sets" quickly to the surface when the hologram is applied. Once set, the hologram is destroyed if removal is attemped. Tampering is easily detected by evident crazing of the hologram or complete pieces that break away from the label. This label construction cannot be removed in one piece.

This photo shows the hologram placed for security.
Untouched tamper evident label Tamper evident label
This label shows attempts at removal. Pieces of the label have broken off and scratches and crazing is evident on the surface of the label.

Frangible hologram construction is just one of our tamper evident construction capabilities including "void" and breakaway constructions. In conjunction with our superior holographic security imaging, Holoshape Products offers a solution to your tamper identification needs.


Many documents are produced via standard printing processes and are easily copied. Secure documents and certificates reduce fraud and lost revenue. Adding "layers" of security to a document increases the difficulty and reduces the chance of unauthorized duplication.

Secure Certificates Secure Certificates
Security 'Layered' Certificate Security "Layered" Certificate

We provide both overt (detectible) and covert (not readily detectible) options resulting in a "layered" secure document.

Available Security Features include:

  • Paper - Invisible florescent fibers, chemical sensitivity, watermark, limited availability.
  • Hologram – High resolution 3D security holograms
  • Printing - Steel engraved printing, microprint line, latent image, litho printing, prismatic pantograph, thermochromic ink, "pop" VOID, varnish logo, rub-and-reveal logo, numbering using a special algorithm check digit.

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